WellBe Coin; Bettering The World Of Fitness and Sport

Christophy Barth
4 min readJun 12, 2021


The World of fitness and sport has been a beneficial industry with an increasing stream of revenues. Innovation has improved sectors underlying the industry but this innovation seemingly and heavily happened in the area of technology used in fitness gyms and various sports occasions, nothing much has been seen in the other areas that drive the industrial economy.
This was likely the pain point discerned in the financial sector before the rise of cryptocurrency that disrupted the system and yielded financial security, customization, and transparency. What else have we detected in the world of fitness and sport? Is there a pain point or something worth improving in the industry that hasn’t been done yet?

The answer is yes, and that’s why we have WellBe Coin, a cryptocurrency purposed for widespread and worldwide adoption by various players in the world of Fitness and Sport. After the proper discovery of the problems available in the cryptocurrency ecosystem (like complexity, shrinkage of size in global recognition, and high level of fraudulent activities), WellBe Coin is geared towards being the most user-friendly, secure, and reliable platform to use and trade value.

It provides four key principles to its community which are;

  • Trust
  • Awareness
  • User-friendliness
  • Availability

WellBe Coin facilitates exchanges between the various players in the Fitness and Sports industry, also allowing each of them to integrate a community and a reliable ecosystem by providing everyone with added value, a renewed experience, and a means of exchange enriching.

Now, let’s plunge into more of the utilities and features offered by WellBe Coin:

User’s Protection

Emerging technologies are viewed in the light of being driven and innovative, but other cascade problems emerge alongside as they develop too. One of which we see is cryptocurrency being plagued by hackers, fraudsters, and poseurs who selfishly seek unauthorized access to funds. And because protection is highly valued, WellBe Coin with its dedicated wallet offers an increased level of security for these users. The WellBe Coin Department of Defense and its investigative service and the WBI (WellBe Bureau of Investigation) will serve to protect the WellBe Coin user base from hackers, crooks, and other criminal users, to the extent possible.

Marketing System

WellBe Coin primary goal is the Fitness and Sports industry, so a niche design and effective engagement are built to drive strong marketing systems to communicate its vision and attract not only cryptocurrency enthusiasts but also newcomers to the field.
Massive and global adoption like said above can be achieved with the advantage of all available social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedln, BitcoinTalk, Github, but also the more targeted networks bringing together players from the Fitness and Sports industry. The goal is to target, position, reach as many users as possible, and grow the WellBe Coin Community.

Marketing tools and dashboards are made available for instant access for businesses and the community, alongside with business model that creates and equally shares a vision for long-term growth. Members of the WellBe Coin team make themselves available to help clubs and partners introduce WellBe Coin. Also, Youtube videos are created for educational purposes for newcomers on topics like cryptocurrencies, Blockchain Technology, and in particular WellBe Coin.

Support For Partners

Assistance is provided to partners setting up the WellBe Coin in their system as a viable means of payment, rewards, marketing, and any other uses they could make of it. Technically, partners can also be assisted by the sales department in their process.

With that mentioned, additional services offered by WellBe Coin are quickly highlighted below:

  • Self-Finance: WellBe Coin is self-funded by Treasury issues which permits parabolic growth and the long-term development of the technological platform.
  • Governance: A strong governance model is set to create decisive community right for mass adoption and scalability.
  • Smart Contract Platform: Currently, WellBe Coin’s blockchain development team is working on the development of a Smart Contract Platform (WellBe Coin 3.0), to further boost network effects that drive mass adoption.
  • Stability: To ensure a fair and stable running system, WellBe Coin has chosen to organize an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and pre-mine WELBs to guarantee a Reserve Fund intended to ensure annual growth of 15% of its original value.


The application of Blockchain Technology to every industry looks like the gold of our time. As pain points are being discovered, ways to produce scalable solutions are put into the thought process. WellBe Coin having put the Fitness and Sports industry in mind has come up with incredible features and utility that present a befitting opportunity to the industry and the community at large. What else do we say other than to look forward to sustainable growth?

Written by Chris Barth



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