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Fitness and Sport go hand in hand as they have proven to be a way of reducing the risk of developing several diseases. They also have a large impact on the culture and economics of the population at large. Fitness and Sport have become a key worldwide contemporary industry, especially with the large existence of gyms and various fitness applications and fitness trackers to keep fit and improve the quality of life. The Fitness and Sports market includes several segments such as fitness and health clubs, membership count(which keeps increasing), etc.

WellBe Coin is a cryptocurrency designed majorly for widespread and worldwide adoption by various players in the world of Fitness and Sport. It is a self-funded cryptocurrency platform that is aimed at driving massive global adoption in the Fitness and Sports industry as it has a self-funded treasury system.


Stability: WellBe Coin has chosen to organize an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and pre-mine WELBs to guarantee a Reserve Fund intended to ensure annual growth of 15% of its original value. This is done to ensure a fair and stable cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Self-Finance: WellBe Coin is self-financed by the Treasury system enabling the long-term development of the technological platform.

Governance: A robust governance model is put in place to allow WellBe to avoid pitfalls and increase the successes of its predecessors by making decisions that bring about mass adoption.

Smart Contract Platform: To further boost network effects that guarantee mass adoption, the WellBe Coin Blockchain development team is working on the development of a Smart Contract Platform (WellBe Coin 3.0)

For mass adoption, WellBe will build around four principles which include:

  • Trust
  • Vigilance
  • Utility
  • Availability

The WellBe Coin goal is to be predominantly recognized and used massively by the sports and fitness industry. This will help to build a bond between coaches and players in the sports industry and also create a healthy community amongst those that will, in turn, facilitate development.


To effectively achieve the vision of massive and global adoption of the WellBe Coin in the Fitness industry, robust marketing systems have been strategized not just for already existing cryptocurrency users but also newcomers, and as such social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, GitHub, BitcoinTalk amidst other targeted networks aimed at bringing together players from the Fitness and Sports industry have to be taken great advantage of as the power of social media can not be undermined.

A series of YouTube videos on WellBe Coin and Blockchain Technology and cryptocurrencies as a whole has been created to further educate newcomers. Members of the WellBe Coin team make themselves available to help clubs and partners introduce WellBe Coin and by so doing, share a vision for long-term growth. Furthermore, to allow immediate access to the WellBe Coin and Community, marketing tools have been provided.


The protection of WellBe users is a major concern. Therefore high-security measures have been put in place to prevent hackers and fraudsters from having unauthorized access to users’ funds. The WellBe Coin Department of Defense and its investigative service, and the WBI (WellBe Bureau of Investigation) will serve to protect the WellBe Coin user from hackers, crooks, and criminals to the extent possible. WellBe Coin with its dedicated “Wallet” offers an increased level of security for its users.


For partners that need help in setting up the WellBe Coin in their structure whether as a means of payment, marketing, rewards, and other uses they could make of it, assistance will be rendered by the sales and technical department to answer all necessary questions and make the adoption of WellBe Coin massive and general.


The WellBe Coin project will influence the fitness and sports world positively as its major aim for massive adoption guarantees longevity. It ensures the eradication of challenges faced by players in the fitness and sports sector with the help of enhanced blockchains and developed smart contracts. High-security measures have been put in place to ensure user protection and reduce the chances of hackers and cybercriminals gaining access to the system. To fully enjoy the benefits of a system that keeps you fit, healthy and also guarantees financial independence, consider choosing WellBe Coin.

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