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Change is constant and has one purpose to improve the previous state to a more advanced state, Likewise the Terra Credit platform. Which has raised the bar and is currently maintaining its position as the best Just like in the world of social media, where there are numerous platforms, yet all are created for the same purpose; to connect people. Now, a closer look at this platform will show you the level of change Terra Credit has undergone in enhancing its system, which invariably has made it stand out as the best decentralized financial platform on the globe.
Many still find it baffling that a large number of people are still oblivious to the concepts, and numerous benefits this crypto platform has to offer.

Furthermore, cryptocurrency has become one of the most used words in the global digital space. It is a decentralized financial solution that bridges the gap that modern financial institutions create. It operates solely without governmental overpower or third parties.

A lot of platforms exist in this crypto space, and they all claim to be the next big thing but, none tackles the issues in the digital finance space.
Terra Credit on the other hand is a platform that has the qualities and features needed to navigate through the crypto world with ease. Some example features include the POS (proof of stake), energy usage monitor, double spending monitor, Etc. In this article, you will realize that Terra Credit is well equipped to solve major crypto-related problems.



This platform runs/operates on POS, This innovation was brought to play in 2012 with the mindset of bringing an end to the many complexities that Bitcoin blockchain possesses. For example, it’s elevated energy usage, which still rises exponentially and is quickly causing panic in the DE-FI ecosystem. Operating on POS, note that major issues encountered in using POS have been checked and tackled evenly to offer a more suitable service. This innovation was utilized by peercoin and slowly other platforms have adopted it like DASH and even the Chinese ETH called NECO. The fact that Terra Credit operates on the POS model makes it have more benefits compared to other cryptocurrencies and makes it easier to render quality services to underserved customers.

The platform is aimed at empowering the public in a decentralized manner. Note; currently, advanced blockchain operates on the POW model, which ensures that winners are more advanced than others and weather the storms of the cryptocurrency world but to run this program, hybrid computers are required in other to operate them smoothly. This consumes a lot of power and is expensive to maintain. All this makes it very expensive to run smoothly; making just a few people have access to this project and therefore limiting the idea of the system being a decentralized system. Whereas Terra Credit operates on the POS model which invariably depicts that it does not need hybrid algorithm devices for computation. All it needs is a little piece of CREDIT saved up in your wallet and a strong network link which makes it quite easy for anyone to get access irrespective of ur pocket size. By so doing, Terra Credit empowers the public and hence can be said to be decentralized.


As earlier mentioned the POW runs on a hybrid computer that needs a humongous amount of power which runs electricity bills high and we are aware of the minerals burnt to produce electricity and the danger it causes to our ozone layer. With such, you will agree that there’s a need to cut down the usage of fuel.
That’s where Terra Credit comes in, on this platform electric charges and usage are low and cheaper. Now with this innovation one can be assured that the damage to the globe is minimal, and noise pollution is checked too.


The term consensus conundrum is a phrase that means to double-spend which happens during a transaction. Whereby the machine joins forces with miners to give a false report of a transaction. This in turn could contribute to double-spending. Now Terra Credit strives to service the majority of the population who are crypto inclined. In other to carry out this plan, the platform created its token known as Credit, which also functions as an online reward. It is tradable, decentralized, swift, and efficient.


The native name of the Terra Credit coin is "CREDIT". The current POW Block reward coin in circulation is five thousand coins, and the total coin supply is rated at 74800000000. POS percent annually is rated 100 each year, and the minimum time you can stake or wager your coin is eight hours only. But you can wager for as long as you indefinitely choose to.


Now, it is obvious that the system/industry was inadequate and not up to standard. The master plan for the system’s operation was for cryptocurrency to show that the native banking system was not up to beat and make sure that every person using a financial network system will enjoy maximum service.
Yet the fees and commission these financial institutions impose on contributors was outrage and yet again lacking in that field.

Furthermore, the long period it takes to carry out online banking, the network glitches which affect an already running transaction, Making the system stressful. Whereas with Terra Credit the tables have turned, running on a combined advanced technology of blockchain, which is not only swift, speedy but also efficiently accessible to users from across the globe, charging very little as commission for transactions. What else can one ask for? It is clear that Terra Credit is aimed at giving users quality services and eliminate the stress encountered by banking traditionally.

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