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Most online games are starting to make use of blockchain technology. Using blockchain can produce a modern-day and profitable gaming ecosystem for players. One of the advantages of using blockchain technology is that it provides a more effective and secure gaming structure and it also minimizes the cost of maintenance. Because of this, the online gaming industry now integrates blockchain into its program.

Normally, people use games as a means to elevate boredom, but now, there has been an upgrade since the emergence of GameFi. With the GameFi platform, gamers can now play and earn money at the same time. For this reason, people become even more eager to play games. This is what the Knight War Gaming platform offers, a Play-To-Earn game, unlike the conventional online games that are based on playing only to win.


Knight War: The Holy Trio is an imminent game that has been mapped out in the Idle Defense Genre to play and earn money. It was first assembled on BSC(Binance Smart Chain) but was later adapted by polygon Layer-2-Scaling solution which employs its huge user base, moderate fees, and also its swift transaction speed. This game has been devised with an adjustment in NFT, where the game’s weapons are the center of attention rather than the game’s characters. Knight War was created for the sole purpose of entertainment and earning real funds, it won’t be a complex game instead it will be easy and fun. The Holy Trio is also working on making it possible for users' Non-Fungible-Token(NFT) to be transferred into the practical world.


Knight war provides an experience that differs from all other blockchain games. It allows users to explore the little interplay with the screen because it is magnificently straightforward and undemanding. In its single-player mode, a player travels between different regions of Kahlla to fight against the demons in their castles. The game also features Boss Hunt, where gamers across the globe join hands to conquer a potent demon. The Knight war team is doing their possible best to convey the PvP arena mode so that players can assemble about five(5) warriors to challenge their tactical skills in opposition to others.


Players will be granted access to three(3) classes, each class will have peculiar game Characters for players to experience. This characters will have skills and strength that differs. To move forward in the game, players must have an understanding of their champion’s powers and create strategies to conquer the enemies.

Knights: They are seen as the brave reliable shield of a team. Their speed of assailment is low but they have a very high hit point (HP), high defense, and high damage statistics.

Maximus: This is one of the three highlighted warriors in this game. He is a human knight as well as one of the first characters to be used at the primal stage of the game.

Archers: This set of warriors strike from behind, they are extremely lethal and precise shooters. But archers have low HP and low defense, stronger front liners are to be used to shroud their fragility.

Mel: She is included amongst the first characters players use at the first stage of the game. she is an Elven archer and one of the featured warriors of knight war.

Mages: They can get rid of a lot of opponents at once using magic. They are the balance between Knights and Archers. They are also known as Aces of magic. Their HP and armor levels are more efficient than archers but not knights.

Sam: A fairy mage also a featured warrior in the game of knight war-the holy trio and is also among the first characters to be used at the early stages of the game.

At different points in the game, players will be allotted the possibility to control other warriors (knights, archers, and mages) with their own different and unique abilities.


Throughout the game, knight war provides the warriors/characters, the class knight, Archer, and Mage with 3 special weapons, Sword, Bow and arrow, and Staff respectively. The character can decide to use any weapon but supplemental buff will be given to characters that go for their initial weapon (e.g a knight that goes for a sword).

After gathering the required materials (MRE, KWS, Special ingredients, and Recipe), gamers can then proceed to form their own unique NFT weapons. The game system will make sure that none of the NFT weapons crafted will have a resemblance to another thereby ensuring that a player’s weapon is one of a kind. After crafting, each weapon should have the following basic stats; speed, critical chance, Damage, and Health. A player stands to gain an enormous buff if he crafts his weapon from all three(3) parts of an origin weapon, definitely that weapon will have transcendent power and will be exceedingly valuable.


  • NFT tradable weapons are designed as players desires, once the mandatory requirements are assembled.
  • Our marketplace is the most convenient place to trade weapons, currencies, and rare tools with other players.
  • When you don’t feel like spending your KWS, staking is an available option to earn yielding pay.
  • Your weapon metadata are safely kept in your blockchain wallet as a Non-Fungible Token which will belong to you for a lifetime.
  • The digital assets and tokens earned from the game are marketable with real cash
    *PvP arena is set outside for players to compete with each other for earns.
  • In PvP+PPVE, gamers wrestle Demons to earn MRE in campaign mode and a world Boss Hunt event for all gamers to partake in.


NFT marketplace in Knight war is where players can buy and sell in-game objects for Cryptocurrencies. Some benefits included in this activity are;

  • Knight war’s marketplace permits users to trade not only with ETH but also with numerous tokens like KWS, BUSD, USDT, BTC, etc.
  • Cryptocurrencies and in-game items can be exchanged through a Crypto wallet.
    *This NFT market will make sure to increase and amass value for KWS holders.
  • The marketplace will run smoothly as we have a team of pundits solidly behind us.
    A fee range of 4% will be related to merchandise in the NFT marketplace, 3% belongs to the Development fund and 1% will be used for staking rewards.


Two(2) tokens are used to run Knight war: The Holy Trio ecosystem. They are; KWS(Knight War Spirits) and MRE(Meteor Remnant Essence).

  1. KWS is the jurisdiction token that is awarded only in community Events, Ranking events, and PvP ranking events. KWS can be marketed and it’s also a BEP-20 compatible token.
  2. MRE is the gameplay token that is shared amongst the game players. MRE can be earned by winning in-game missions. There is a limit on the amount of MRE to be earned daily to avert inflation. It is also a BEP-20 compatible token.

Token details summarized:
Name: Knight War Spirit
Ticker: KWS
Standard: BEP-20
Initial supply:13,840,000
Total supply: 500,000,000KWS
Initial Market Cap: $484,400
Fully diluted market cap: $17,500,000
KWS price at IDO(USDT): $0.035
Contract address:0x5D0E95C15cA50F13fB86938433269D03112409Fe

Name: Meteor Remnant Essence
Protocol: BEP-20
Max total supply: unlimited
MRE listing: TBA
Price at game launch(USDT): TBA
Initial Market Cap: TBA
Fully diluted cap: TBA.


We have a committed team co-organized by a game developer and an ardent gamer, Mike Ta and Harris Nguyen respectively.
Game Development Team
We have Vien Ninh our unity developer, Dennis Tran, and Nhan Nin our Game Designers all with a deep mathematical background.
Blockchain Development Team
Tony Vu alias 'The Monster' heads this team, he is a full set developer. With him as our blockchain pundit, gamers are assured of safety when trading KWS, MRE, and other NFTs.

Marketing And Content Team; Duy Tran, Phuong Smile, and Tham Luong design our Banners, litepaper, landing page, and marketplace. This team is led by our CMO, Phory Nguyen as well as Rose Tran, and they have both spent years furthering mobile games and MMORPGs.


GameFi platform is beneficial to gamers because here, they play not just to win but to earn money as well. Knight war has also brought a lot of fantastic and profitable features to the table. It also aims to be a straightforward and uncomplicated fun game.
With Knight war-The Holy Trio’s gameplay and team, this game is sure to be an upcoming huge success in the NFT gaming Market.

Written by Chris Barth



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