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The Energy sector is indeed vital in human existence. You will agree with me that without energy(power/electricity), there will be chaos. This need for power has driven so many research institutions and we can see that in today's hydropower plant, gas plant, steam plant, biodegradable power plant, solar panel, etc. And as we can see, the most commonly used source of power in our societies today are gas and hydropower plants, and these are built-in dams. All of these sources are built to combat our ever-increasing need for power.


Now, this quest to satisfy human's dire hunger for light, warmth, etc has not been achieved without any detrimental effect not only to humans but our planet as well. Studies and scientific research indicate the destruction in our ozone layers hence the quest to restructure our power sector into being environmentally friendly and creating a conducive environment not only for humans but plants and animals as well, and above all to be self-sufficient and sustainable.


This driving force to fix our power sector has led Greeneum to initiate deeper research in the renewable energy sector. This implies that Greeneum is a global decentralized Network that encourages the creation, transfer, and usage of pure energy which is sustainable. Greeneum launched the world's first block of black-powered sustaining itself, protecting the energy, and information-transaction sector. Without any reasonable doubt, this is a huge step in truncating the dependence on these harmful hydro-carbons


Greeneum token operates on the etheruem blockchain which implies the following :

  • Ensuring that the network and transactions remain transparent.
  • Securing contributors' assets and token
  • Ensuring that agreements are protected and open. This agreement is compiled on the distributed ledger.

The GREEN token is an ERC-20 cryptocurrency which enables a capitalist equipped with a single platform of the entrance to devote to other blueprints within the globe.

The GREEN tokens can also be exchanged for smart monitors, solar panels, wind turbines, and even any other kind of asset.


One can boldly say that Greeneum is the first to create a marketplace for energy management, with Greeneum, investors around the world can invest solely in sustainable energy, which includes solar and wind energy whilst simultaneously creating efficient products on demand fluctuations.


Greeneum facilitates swift performance by integrating different negotiators and broachers simultaneously in a financial environment, and do away with credence standing as the top force in counter-parties relationship/networking.


Running Greenium program with artificial intelligence(AI) and proprietary algorithms Greeneum support power manufacturers to forecast the demand of power supply before time, cut down on losses, then channel resources appropriately to enhance the avenue to make reserve wells available and cut down on manufacturing strategically.


Change they say starts from you, therefore if we intend to change our world, making it a better place, GREENEUM is the perfect structure to do that. With it sufficient-sustainable energy innovation, you earn the green token which can be staked. The future of our planet is guaranteed with GREENEUM as it tackles the challenges of the present power supply vendors. Adding to that, Greeneum recently launched the pilot projects which took off in Cyprus and Israel, it consisted of grid and microgrid operations for Cyprus and Israel.

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