ENNOWALLET: A Crypto Wallet That Makes Banking/Trading Effortless

Christophy Barth
4 min readOct 28, 2021


In the present world of finance, digitalization is taking over as a result of some inefficiency the traditional banking exhibits. Some of these are lack of privacy and the slow rate at which transactions are carried out. This resulted in the creation of cryptocurrency. In the crypto ecosystem, monetary transaction is no longer a problem as people make use of Decentralized Finance(DeFi).

Decentralized Finance stimulated by blockchain technology is a financial application that makes use of smart contracts. DeFi makes technology come first when it has to do with marketing in financial service enterprises, in such a way that it empowers everyone anywhere with access to secured financial services.

DeFi wallets also enable users to have straight connections to DeFi projects and a place to store their cryptocurrencies/tokens as well.
To aid users in storing their tokens, a lot of DeFi wallets have been established. But coming with beneficial ways for users to easily swap, exchange, store, and regulate their assets is the Enno Wallet.


Enno Wallet similarly known as innovation wallet is a crypto wallet that aims to create a methodical ecosystem for token holders to stake, reserve, transfer, and swap their tokens effortlessly. It also allows users to boost the income potential of their digital assets.

In Enno Wallet, the charge fee is less because users have absolute control over their assets (in the wallet) meaning there is no involvement of a third party (intermediary). It is an easy-to-use and non-custodial crypto wallet because it runs smoothly on both Android and IOS devices and as such provides users with a satisfying experience. To keep its ecosystem functional and competitive and also build its way to be one of the finest crypto wallets, Enno Wallet gives incentives to users via rewards tasks.


  • Enno Wallet helps users gain money, which is done by merely conserving and not utilizing the cryptocurrency stored in your Enno Wallet. With every transaction made in the ecosystem, an interest of 14.01% will be allocated to you.
  • Enno Wallet provides a top-notch security network, the secret keys used are only accessible to the owner and no other party and should therefore be stored locally.
  • With no fees attached, Users can swap assets directly from their wallets with any other cryptocurrency approved on Enno Wallet.
  • Decentralized Forex(DeFo) provides tools to aid swapping in Enno Wallet, and this is dependable and straightforward due to its functionality with smart contracts.


Enno Cash is the official token of the Ennowallet. It takes care of all financial trades in the Enno Wallet ecosystem. Earn Enno Cash solely depends on the number of activities a user executes in the wallet.
Its tokenomics percentages are listed below;

  • 5%- Bounty, Referral, and Contest
  • 10%- Development and Marketing
  • 10%- Early bird
  • 10%- Private investors and team
  • 15%- Token sale
  • 50%- App users

N/B: Early bird is a program in which rewards are disseminated to Enno birds. Enno birds are users who utilize the Ennowallet actively before the date of the token sale.

Token details:

Token name: ENNO CASH
Ticker: $ENNO
Total supply: 10,000,000 $ENNO
Vesting period: 5 years.


Bill Gates’s quote about banking being necessary rather than the banks has proved to be impossible. But after the establishment of blockchain technology and DeFi, people began discerning the quote because their finances can now be easily accessible by them with no intrusion by an intermediary. Enno Wallet allows its users to be able to exchange tokens, earn money, and more.

Based on security, Enno Wallet works on curtailing users’ security assault by linking Web 2 and Web 3 technologies with the topmost security level. As a result of using the Web 3 technology, intermediaries will not be required for having access to financial services any longer. Waves blockchain makes accessing of DeFi application available and effortless hence, Enno Wallet has opted for the Waves blockchain.
Enno Wallet can be found on Google Play Store and Apple Store. Download Enno Wallet today and get rid of all financial stress.

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